mardi 28 février 2012

Couture du dimanche : the Angels dress

Un dimanche après-midi de Soleil et revoilà l'inspiration...
Je n'avais qu'un tout petit morceau de ce tissu avec des petits anges, j'ai essayé d'en tirer le meilleur parti et je n'ai rien laissé ou presque !

A sunny Sunday afternoon and the inspiration is back...
I only had a tiny piece of this fabric with small angels, so I tried to do my best with it and I have left almost nothing !

Robe / Dress : Création maison !
Chaussure / Shoes : Jennyfer
Lunettes / Glasses : Chanel

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Dimitra a dit…

Cute dress! I love your mannequin btw!! I really want to own one as well. I like your blog is pretty cool! Im following you and if you like mine as well follow me on



Very french! Love it!

My blog is about spanish designers whom I promote in Qatar, style and my experience as a western woman in this small emirate in the Gulf!.

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