jeudi 1 août 2013

Long dress & Flat shoes

Ca y est, je ne quitte plus mes sandalettes, c'est bien la première fois que je me sens si à l'aise à plat ! Et pour cause, je me sens bien maintenue et je n'ai pas l'impression d'être en claquettes ce que je n'aime vraiment pas en dehors du jardin et de la plage...
Vive les tropéziennes par M. Belardi !
That's it, I can't leave my new sandals, it's really the first time I feel so confortable with flats ! And that's because I feel well maintained and I don't feel like I wear flip flops that I really hate if I'm not in the garden or at the beach...
Long life to "Les Tropéziennes" by M. Belardi !

Robe / Dress : H&M
Ceinture / Belt : Avant-Première
Sandales / Shoes : Les Tropéziennes par M. Belardi

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Kristina Lennon a dit…

Such a simple but effective chic look!
ps. Thank you for your sweet post comment :)

Milex a dit…

I admire you sense of style

Dasha Zet a dit…

Love this dress))

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YARENSA a dit…

Lovely post♥
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YARENSA a dit…

Hey, I followed you back :)

Katarzyna P a dit…

Wow! I love your blog! :) You look so beautiful! :))

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MateaTPol a dit…

is it dress from this season? im just looking for one dress like that!

Charlotte a dit…

Hi girls and Milex, thank you so much for your kind words.

Dear Matea : I bought this dress last season but as it is the basic collection from H&M, I'm sure you could find almost the same this year...

Bye and see you soon !
Kiss from Paris